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          We are a contract manufacturer or can say an OEM/ODM factory. In order to be a good OEM/ODM factory and to get the trust from our clients, we do not have the direct sales activities in the sale market in Taiwan. Now, we make the personal care products for many famous brands in Taiwan. Also, we could export directly.  

          We specialize in formulating personal care products including hair, body, face and bath products. Our products are always based on finest natural ingredients which are available from the well-known and specialized suppliers. We have good experience in OEM/ODM and offer the high quality products. We always do our best to meet the client’s requests. Also, Taiwan factory has been certified as meeting the requirements of ISO9001 and ISO22716. Vietnam factory has been certified as meeting the requirement of ISO9001.

   Main Products  
            Transparent Soap, Glycerin Transparent Soap, Shower Gel, Facial Foam,
     Shampoo, Body Lotion, Conditioner, Hand Lotion, Liquid Hand Soap, Liquid
     Dish Washing Soap
       1.Soap base: 100 tone per month
     2.Liquid products: 400 tone per month
       A. Mixing Tank :
          1. 800kgs 1 set
          2. 1200kgs 1 set
          3. 2500kgs 1 set
          4. 3000kgs 1 set
          5. 5500kgs 1 set
          6. 5600kgs 1 set
     B. Filling Machine :
          1. Bottle filling machine 5 sets
          2. Tube filling machine 1 sets
          3. Aluminum foil bag filling machine 5 sets
     C. Automatic tube sealing machine
     D. Aluminum foil stand bag sealing machine
     E. Automatic double side labeling machine
     F. Automatic wrap around labeling machine
     G. Automatic capping machine
     H. Powder filling machine

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  Taiwan Factory
    Tel : 886-4-26817610 Fax: 886-4-26815779
    Add : No.29-1, Kung Erh Rd., Dah Chia Dist., Taichung City, Taiwan
  Vietnam Factory    
  Tel : 84-0274-3767699 Fax : 84-0274-3767698
  E-mail :
  Add : 70 Doc Lap Boulevard Vietnam-Singapore Industrial Park,
  Thuan An District, Binh Duong Province, Vietnam